23 Boulevard Chambaud de la Bruyère
69007 Lyon
Tél : +33 (0)4 37 28 16 00

Genzyme, subsidiary of the Sanofi group, specializes in innovative medical products and devices applied to orphan diseases, kidney diseases, orthopaedics, oncology, general surgery, transplantation and diagnostic testing. The group has a presence across the five continents.

The company has over 500 employees in France and 10,000 worldwide. Genzyme Polyclonals is located in the Lyon region and is in charge of the exclusive production of two drugs in the field of transplantation.

Thanks to the Lyon BioAdvisor® program and to Aderly, in 2005, Genzyme set up its regional headquarters in the Lyon-Gerland area. In France, the Genzyme site is the first tertiary building in France to achieve the highest environmental status. The bioproduction site has indeed been awarded the HQE® (High Quality Environmental) award.

Genzyme is a member of Lyonbiopôle, world competitiveness cluster in infectiology and of France Biotech, the French association of life science companies and their partners.


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