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Louis Gattefossé founded his company in France in 1880. The company gradually became more specialized in aromatherapy, plant extraction, and lipochemistry (the chemistry of lipids). Gattefossé today operates in two main fields: pharmaceuticals and research into cosmetics.

Gattefossé is a major player in French pharmaceuticals and its main laboratory it located at St Priest, in the Lyon area. With 133 years of experience, the group has distribution subsidiaries in North America, Western Europe and Asia, and employs 250 people globally, of whom 170 are based in France. Gattefossé is also present in 60 countries through a network of agents and distributers.

Whether local SMEs or large international groups, Gattefossé offers its clients innovative solutions for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sector (health and beauty). 99% of its production takes place in France but 72% of its sales (€80 million in 2012) are generated abroad.

The company is a member of the Lyonbiopôle global competitiveness cluster, which includes companies and researchers from the Lyon and Grenoble areas.
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