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“Maison Brossette”, which initially specialized in transporting water, was founded in the Lyon area in 1841: the dynamic industrial and trading profile of the area enabled the company to develop quickly.  The company gradually developed across France and overseas and expanded its portfolio of services.

Brossette now offers consultancy services to its 84,000 professional clients in the sanitary ware and heating sector. The company operates under an umbrella name but has 4 specialist brands (Brossette TC, Ditac, CDL, and Pôle Confortique) and has exclusive distribution rights for a number of brands in the heating, sanitary ware, plumbing, and water treatment sectors. Together with its partners, the company constitutes one of the leading companies in the sanitary ware sector.

In 2005, Brossette set up its new headquarters in the heart of Lyon’s 7th district, bringing together 400 staff. Today Brossette is one of the brands owned by the Point P Group (the French market leader in the distribution of building materials), and is integrated into the Building Distribution division of Saint Gobain.

Brossette is one of the major players in Lyon’s sanitary ware and heating sector.

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