Brochier Technologies
90, rue Frédéric Faÿs

Tél. +33 (0) 4 37 56 80 57
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A historical player in Lyon’s industrial textile sector, the Brochier Soieries Group was created in 1890 by Jean Brochier and quickly became a key company in the silk trade, exporting its fabrics to London and New York. Originally, the group worked for the Haute Couture houses; a context which allowed the company to develop very innovative materials. It then expanded into the production of woven glass fibers and then fiber optics, putting its know-how to full use in the emerging technical textile sector.

The Brochier Technologies entity specializes in the development of luminous fiber-optic technical fabrics. These fabrics are manufactured for diverse applications in the aeronautics industry, the building industry, backlighting for billboards, security clothing, etc.

Thanks to a pluridisciplinary technical team which is highly skilled in the textile, electronics, optics, mechanics, and chemical fields, Brochier Technologies can meet the different needs of its clients, whether that means silk scarves for Hermès or luminous fabrics for Citroën.  Brochier is both a specialist in the technological fabrics sector and an innovative manufacturer for the textile industry. Today the company holds a number of patents such as the Lightex® light solutions brand. Brochier Technologies has an active policy concerning industrial property rights and the development of innovative technologies.

The Brochier Group is one of the main companies driving innovation in Lyon. It is part of the Techtera competitiveness cluster for industrial textiles and flexible materials.

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