16 rue Jean-Marie Leclair
69009 LYON
Tél. +33 (0)4 72 85 43 21
Fax +33 (0)4 72 85 43 83

Bayer CropScience France develops plant health products, to serve French farming needs. The company is fully committed, through concrete, everyday actions, to developing sustainable, rational farming. The group’s sales in 2012 were €9.665 billion.

Bayer CropScience France was formed in 2002, when Bayer acquired the worldwide operations of Aventis CropScience.

Bayer CropScience SA, which is headquartered in Lyon, is a subsidiary of Bayer CropScience AG in Germany. It has strategic functions and plays a key role in contributing significantly to the economic results and global research of Bayer CropScience.

The European headquarters of Bayer Environmental Science are also located in Lyon. In 2012, the company announced an investment of €12 million for a new aqueous solution fungicide production site in the Lyon region, at Villefranche-Limas. The world leader in professional-use products, Bayer Environmental Science develops and markets products for the protection of green areas (in cooperation with the WHO, the FAO and UNICEF).