For  about ten  years, the  renovation of the Rhone and Saone embankments has been a priority for the City of Lyon, which aimed to create pleasant  spaces for the people in Lyon, all along the water.

Rhone embankments

A few years ago, a 5-kilometer stretch on the left embankment of the Rhone River had been developed into green spaces and lanes for non-motor traffic (bicycles, skates and pedestrians). This project was aiming to create a place for relaxation and leisure in a natural, environmentally-friendly setting in the heart of the city.

Berges du Rhône réaménagées-Muriel-Chaulet-Ville-de-Lyon

Renovated Rhone Embankments – © Muriel Chaulet, Ville de Lyon

Banks of the Saone

Plans to develop the banks of the Saone started in 2002, in order to enable Lyon’s citizens to “reconnect” with the river.

The aim of the project is to make the banks of the Saone a lively and pleasant area for the city’s inhabitants. A 50 km circuit is planned spanning over 14 communities and 5 districts.

Future walkway on Saone riverbank – ©

This major project comprises several main goals:

  • To bring the inhabitants closer to the Saone and the districts and villages along its route.
  • To connect the various districts’ public spaces with riverside promenades.
  • To preserve the rich natural heritage of Val de Saône.
  • To develop water sports and nautical activities.
  • To embellish the development with art and monuments to give the banks a creative and cultural identity.
  • The work of the pedestrian promenade between the Confluence and Rochetaillé-sur-Saône will be completed at the end of 2013 and the 2nd Act of the Saone Riverbanks project will start in 2016.
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