A magnificent natural setting

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Lyon: Europe’s #1 city bike service : ‘Velo’v ‘  (ADAC 2012)

A key element of comfort in the city: nature on your doorstep.

From this point of view, Metropole de Lyon is continuing to develop its river banks, new green spaces, footpaths, as well as managing many parks. With its 90,000 trees and 12,000 hectares of natural areas, Lyon is a definitively green city.

Furthermore, the city of Lyon is located near several great French attractions:

  • One hour from the Alps
  • Three hours (by car) from the Mediterranean
  • Less than 30 minutes from the Beaujolais and Rhone Valley vineyards.

Take a walk and discover our region!

Gardens, parks and green spaces:

  • Parks: Gerland, Parilly, Miribel Jonage,  Blandan,  Vallon,  Saint-Priest, Lacroix-Laval.

Parilly park is the domaine de Lacroix-Laval estate, both of which have obtained the ‘écojardin’ label, which rewards the implementation of an environmentally friendly approach to park management.

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  • The largest urban park in Europe : Tête d’Or park (370 hectares)


  • La Dombe (over 1000 reservoirs, bird park, gastronomy)


Stroll through the forest, alongside a stream, and discover birds of prey and protected flower species, it’s all here in Lyon! 40% of the region is made up of natural or farming land. The footpaths guide presents 21 walks around Lyon.

Click here to discover them !


Monts d’Or: just a few minutes from Lyon, and for the pleasure of everyone, you will find over 160 km of footpaths for family walks. Discover the local heritage and a panoramic view of Lyon; the Cabornes walk is a must that will take you through vineyards and undergrowth.

Banks of the Rhone and Saone rivers

In the interests of reclaiming the rivers for the city’s residents, the redevelopment of the Rhone and Saone embankments has long been a priority for the city, with a view to creating an ever more pleasant environment along the waterfront.

The Rhone embankments

A few years ago, the left bank of the Rhone river was entirely renovated with 5 km of green spaces and bicycle, rollerblade and pedestrian paths, in order to create a place for leisure activities and relaxation in a natural environment in the heart of the city.

As you walk along the banks of the Rhone, the landscape evolves to offer 8 different atmospheres and uses: football, rollerblading, pétanque (French bowls), playgrounds for children, deckchairs and slides.

All along the river there are two parallel lanes: one dedicated to soft modes, the other suitable for walking and wheelchairs.


  • Key figures
  • 5 km of developed embankment
  • 10 hectares of open spaces
  • 8 ‘atmospheres’/dedicated areas
  • 1 skate-park

Rives de Saône

Initiated in 2002, the redevelopment of the Rives de Saone will allow Lyon’s inhabitants to “reconnect” with the river. The goal is to make the banks of the Saone a lively and feel-good environment for all inhabitants. A 50-km “circuit” is planned and will pass through 14 towns and 5 of Lyon’s districts.

Artists and project managers have worked together  on the initial phase to design a continuous pedestrian walkway: since 2013, 15 kilometres have been completed between Confluence and île Barbe and between Fontaines-sur-Saône and Rochetaillée-sur-Saône.

This project is based on several goals:

    • Reconnecting local inhabitants with the Saone,
    • Linking public spaces by creating connecting walkways,
    • Preserving the natural features of the Saone valley,
    • Developing nautical activities and water sports,
    • Enhancing the experience with works of art, to bestow a creative and cultural identity to the riverbanks and walkways.


  • Key figures
  • 15 km of footpaths
  • 9 different ‘atmospheres’ and dedicated spaces
  • 8 of them are already completed
  • 23 works of art