Situated at a cross-roads of major transportation routes and renowned for its economic dynamism, the Lyon region is fertile ground for the development of the logistics sector. The region is the second most important in France for the logistics industry and is attractive due to the high population density, high levels of consumerism and the density of the communication infrastructure. The development of multimodal transport links is a major challenge for the region, particularly in terms of rail and river/sea freight.

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  • Key figures
  • The Nord Isère area is the No. 1 terrestrial logistics platform in France and one of the most important in Europe:
  • 2,000,000 sq. metres of logistics facilities
  • 14,000 jobs
  • The Rhone-Alpes region accounts for more than 12% of national jobs in the logistics industry, which is 157,000 employees
  • One of Europe’s main multimodal infrastructures:
  • 200 hectares available for transport companies operating air, sea, rail and road transport services
  • PIPA and CAPI, the two main logistics hubs in the region
  • Production of equipment and goods transportation: 1st region in France
  • Logistics activities: 2nd region in France (40,000 jobs)
  • Rhône-Alpes also stands out in terms of its infrastructure and multimodality:
  • multimodal platforms
  • navigable network
  • 1,337 km of motorway networks
  • 603 km of national roads
  • 30,666 km of secondary roads
  • rail network for the transportation of goods


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