Lyon shines as one of the leading digital cities in France

Lyon is a great breeding ground for digital businesses. Reputable schools, research, business, finance, support the Metropolis, dedicated real estate, strong entrepreneurial culture … All the factors came together for a sustainable development of the sector.

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Lyon, a French Tech city

Lyon French Tech City non-profit organisation acts as entry point for entrepreneurs in innovative project development. We help quickly and efficiently identify the resources that meet their needs in order to accelerate the development of their projects.

The French tech 3 main actions :
1. Federate the local ecosystem for innovation (start-ups, businesses, institutions, associations,…).
2. Accelerate the emergence and development of innovative companies in the regional Lyon.
3. International influence by promoting these Lyon innovative companies around the world and attract new actors of innovation to the city of Lyon.

    • French 2nd division in the digital industry
    • 3,5 Mds € de C.A en Rhône Alpes pour la filière digitale
    • € 3.5 billion turnover in Rhone Alpes for the digital industry
    • +  € 200m raised in 2013 including 3M € for priming
    • 600 academic degrees in the digital area and more than 1000 researchers
    • More than 6 clusters and associations:  Clust’R, Minalogic, La Cuisine du Web, Rezopole, PLOSS (FLOSS) …
    • 5 accelerators / 8 incubators
    • 3 Fablabs : La Fabrique d’Objets LibresLa Paillasse SaôneYouFactory /1 living lab : the TUBA
    • Many Co-working spaces
    • 600 events & meetings around the numeric year