The  economic dynamism of the Lyon area  springs from the density of the business sectors represented in the region. The city of Lyon has particularly striven to strengthen expertise in the life sciences, the software and digital industry, green technologies, the creative industries and in technical textiles by creating business clusters for those sectors. The clusters are now able to boast international influence.

Overview of the sectors of excellence:

Cleantech GB

Sciences de la vie gb

Numerique gb


Tertiaire gb Industrie gb
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Discover 10 good reasons to  set up in the Lyon area!

A strategic location with excellent and reliable transport links

Lyon, an economic city at the heart of a large region

Lyon, an innovative city

Lyon, a great place to live

Businesses in the Lyon area 

Schools and Universities

Lyon, your gateway to the world

Commercial property in the Lyon region

Clusters and sectors of excellence in the Lyon region

Major urban projects revitalising the area