Minalogic, the international competitive cluster for digital technologies in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, supports its members, helping them to innovate and grow, thus boosting their development and global growth objectives. The technologies, products and services developed by the ecosystem’s actors, target all sectors of activity (ICT, health, energy, the factories of the future etc.), and cover the entire digital value chain, by combining micro / nano / electronics, photonics, software and its content and uses.

Created in 2005, Minalogic now has over 400 members (including 350 companies). The cluster has labeled 586 projects, representing 881 million euros of public subsidies, and an R&D investment of 2.2 billion euros. In particular, a X10 leverage effect for FUI projects: the 72 completed projects will generate a combined turnover of over 5 billion euros over 10 years, 10 times the amount of cumulated R&D funds invested in these projects. Overall, 105 products (marketed or in the process of being marketed) were created as part of the cluster’s projects.


Application markets:

  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Finance and Insurance
  • City and Buildings
  • Energy and Environment
  • The General Public
  • Agriculture and Agri-foods
  • Factories of the Future
  • Mobility and Transport
  • Health
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Entertainment Media


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