How big is Lyon’s economy and what is its regional environment like today? Here is the answer in facts and figures:

Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

  • Regional GDP of 242,579 million Euros
  • 2nd region in France, 4th in Europe
  • 66,723 companies created in 2014, 12.5 % of the national totallyon
  • 1,413 foreign invested enterprises (FIE) with 20 or more employees
  • 111,000 public and private establishments

Lyon and its region

  • 2nd economic centre in France
  • One of the 20 richest cities in Europe, 5.7% job growth between 2006 and 2011 (Insee 2014)
  • 467 foreign invested enterprises (FIE) with over 20 employees, making a total of 57,200 jobs in FIEs (CCIR 2015)
  • Sectors of excellence: Life Sciences, Cleantechnology, Industry, Service Industries, Smart City and Digital
  • Great entrepreneurs from Lyon: Bruno Bonnell, Jean-Michel Aulas, Pierre Babolat, Marcel Mérieux, Christian and Thierry Boiron etc.
  • Leading companies located in Lyon: Sanofi Pasteur, Biomérieux, Engie, GL Events, Renault Trucks, Cegid and Rhodia etc.
  • 5 business clusters (two operating globally): Lyonbiôpole, Axelera, Lyon Urban Truck & Bus, Minalogic and Techtera etc.

The partnership approach taken by Greater Lyon and supported by all the economic actors in the area (CCI, growth hubs, business incubators, business accelerators etc.) encourages business creation and helps to assure new businesses’ longevity during their first years. This dynamic means that Lyon is currently the most attractive city in France that has over 500,000 inhabitants (L’Entreprise-L’Expansion, 2016). Although business creation has fallen back at national level (by -5%), within the city of Lyon it has increased by 1.6 percentage points.

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