World leading tech competence and romantic lifestyle – can you really have both? Yes, by investing in France!

Are there reasons for your business to get thrilled over the French Touch? Let’s find out.

Today, France is offering eye-catching conditions to international business companies that choose to settle on its territory. Is that not what you thought?

Let’s bring some old ghosts out into open:

Modern France

Without an up to date experience, there’s a risk for dragging around old ideas of heavy French Administration with endless procedures and outrageous waiting times. No good for business development. That’s not true, though.
As a matter of fact, starting a business in France is remarkably easy. No other country in Europe has come as far as France in making administrative procedures available electronically. Registering and opening up a business in France take an average of 7 days. Compare that to the G20 country-average of 22 days and it comes all clear.

Who says electronic administration also says on-line service and World Wide Web. Not surprisingly, France is at the top of connected countries, with the densest coverage of public wifi hotspots in the world and a dedicated investment of 20 billion Euros to bring Ultra-Fast Internet to all French citizens by 2020. In other words, France is the ideal place to be for your international business communication, today and in the future.

One of the greatest economies of Europe – and of the world

With its 65 million consumers, France is number two out of the top ten markets in Europe and ranked the world’s fifth greatest economy. The future forecast for business development is promising – no other European country can compete with France when it comes to high birth rates. The market potential combined with powerful assets make of France a business-world center and a popular destination for foreign investments.

A strategic position – geographically and economically speaking

For your international business development, there’s no place like France. Situated in the very middle of Europe, settling your business in France will put you on the doorstep to Switzerland, the South European countries and the Benelux countries. What’s more, when you invest in France you will have close access to big emerging markets of North African countries and to other French speaking zones of the world. Starting a business in France, you can build an ambitious, still feasible outward oriented business strategy.

Highly developed transportation infrastructure

In business economy, access to cities and places is not only about geographical distance. The French infrastructure shows that this has been fully understood for a long time. France is the number one European country as for road network (Eurostat 2014). Doing business in France, you will appreciate the difference when getting on the French highway after driving across a neighbor country.
With the high-speed train, it will take you roughly three hours to accomplish the 775 kilometers from Paris to Marseille. The good train frequency between major cities makes it possible to spread your business, invest on different locations and still get there fast and smoothly.
The ports of Le Havre and Marseille are renowned for their vital roles in business economy when it comes to freight from and towards Europe, since they offer ideal gateways to the Mediterranean and to the whole North Atlantic Ocean. Le Havre has been selected “Best Seaport Europe” for the third year in a row by Cargonews Asia magazine, which illustrates the reach of the port activity for international business companies.
France also offers competitive solutions for Air cargo and business passenger transports, with a dense airport network throughout the country and Roissy Charles de Gaulle at the top of Cargo Airports in Europe.

Innovative, Technological forefront

Perhaps you’ve heard the term FrenchTech before. Perhaps you think it’s just some fancy marketing gimmick. However, when having a closer look at businesses in France, it comes out that an outstandingly high share of the total French workforce is dedicated to Science and Technology, whereas nearly 22 percent of all the 20-29 year olds on the job market (Eurostat 2013). That is high above the European average. You can indeed see numerous results of this political line and business strategy: In Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 EMEA yearly ranking, France is at the head and has been so for the last four years. In 2014, France stood for 86 out of 500 top performing high-tech businesses in the ranking. France has a truly fortunate climate for developing business within technology sectors, a climate that is likely to get even stronger in time to come. Within French Government’s investment programs for the Future (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir 1 & 2), earmarked funds representing a total of 47 billion Euros will be devoted to investment in prioritized strategic sectors.
What if your investment company would benefit from the FrenchTech business opportunity? Contact your nearest Invest in France Agency for more information.

Highly educated workforce – highly competent – highly innovative

Does your business require first-rate scientific and technological competence? Then you’re looking at the right place to invest in. France is renowned for its skilled engineers and technicians, and strong focus on research.
Compared to other European countries, the percentage of researchers on the total workforce is higher in France than elsewhere. In unbiased audit, France gets the absolute highest rank regarding innovative businesses (Thomson Reuters 2014).
As a logical result, France holds a top position worldwide in number of International Patents registered. (OMPI, July 2013).
Indeed, in France, R&D as the key to business innovation and company progress is considered obvious. When investing in France, your international business development will benefit from this remarkably innovative climate.

Tax advantages

It’s no secret: to achieve and maintain good national wealth and business economy, governments need to play according to business rules – not the opposite.
In line with the desire to prepare a prosperous breeding ground for business development and to receive international investments on French territory, the Government has worked out a tax policy that makes the business startup phase less heavy. The policy is also outlining promising conditions upfront for running your business.
In 2015, the Employment tax break for increasing competitive power and recruitment capability (CICE) will cut the global labor cost with six percent. The tax break calculation is based on your company’s payroll expense.

The French Research & Development tax break (CIR) will give you a 30 percent break on all types of R&D investments up to the 100 million Euro threshold. Such an extremely strong tax incentive will bring previously unattainable research ambitions within your reach when you invest in France.
The 30 percent rate is quadrupled if you’ve hired junior doctoral research personnel to work in your R&D activity during their first two years of employment. Simply speaking, in France, hiring highly qualified young key competences for your business development is rewarding, also from a budgetary standpoint.

The R&D tax break generates outstanding conditions for building your innovation strategy and even when looking at tax policies worldwide, you will hardly find anything like it.

Thousands of international business companies have already benefited from the French R&D tax break – why wouldn’t you? (French Ministry for Higher Education and Research, 2012)

International popularity

If you’re still uncertain about investing in France, you can simply have a look at stats: during the ten year period from 2003 to 2013, 6 660 job creating foreign business investments took place in France, whereas job creation indicates a firmly successful establishment. Within one year’s time (2012), businesses representing 39 different nations did invest in France. During that period, the inflows through Foreign Direct Investment reached a total of US$25 billion. 20 000 companies from abroad are currently doing business in France (INSEE 2014). On the French job market, the share of international business jobs in foreign companies is significant, and so is the share within French exports, since foreign businesses in France account for à third of the total registered export activity (INSEE / French Ministry for Higher Education and Research, 2012). One out of nine French employees is working for an international subsidiary, which gives a hint of the international business presence on French territory.
As a rewarding result, two out of three international company directors having chosen to invest on French territory say they can recommend France to their peers.

These stats do not only indicate that international business investors come to France. The numbers reveal that they choose to stay.

Beautiful country, charming culture.

There’s more than business to life. This is a vital aspect to remember as a decisioner and business representative. France is offering everything needed for people to make themselves a high quality of life. From the mountains to the seas, great cities to hidden traditional villages, architecture, arts and music, the lively Latin mentality and not to forget the French gastronomy.

No wonder France is the most wanted destination for tourists. Your customers and competent coworkers will also find it rewarding coming here.

Now that all doubts are settled, take the step today, bring your business to France and see that it’s worthwhile.

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