Simplified VAT & customs procedures

When you set up your business in France you will be given an Intracommunity Value Added Tax number. Since VAT is applied in all countries of the European Economic Community, it will give you easy access to business opportunities across the whole European Union trading zone. Your business in France will reclaim any VAT that it has been charged with. If the VAT on your purchases exceeds the VAT on sales, the exceeding part will be refunded to your company. Several business fields benefit from lowered VAT rates – ask your nearest Invest in Lyon Agency for details.

In line with the forefront position of French e-administration, France is a step ahead in making customs clearance procedures available electronically for your French business setup. Thanks to the electronic system including duty payment service and automatic goods clearance, you will make major time savings by avoiding paperwork for business export and import.

The European Union applies truly attractive conditions for trading between member countries, which your French business setup will benefit from. Most transactions between European countries are duty free.