Tax rules to ease up your business takeoff

When you consider taxation and what conditions you might get in your new business hosting nation, the first thing to do is to check if your country has agreed on a Bilateral Tax Convention with France. If so, it will be a supporting framework for your business development, guaranteeing cost-efficiency and protection from double taxation.

When taking a moment to look closer, you will discover that the French tax system combined with European Union taxation rules are creating an interesting climate for establishing and running your company in France.

A main rule when doing business in France is that taxation will be based on your business results – you will never pay for more than your true ROI.

The French tax system has been engineered to make your business investment in France awarding. You will discover the tax incentives of investing in business startup or in existing French companies, as well as when you create or invest in French business groups. Indeed, for Groups of affiliated companies, the French system opens up several opportunities to spread and redistribute results, benefits and liabilities. For instance, you have the possibility to spread profits or losses from one affiliated company over all the French group entities. You can thereby even out and arrange business results and taxation within the respect of French tax system and law.