Temporary work contracts, as opposed to permanent contracts (CDI) and fixed term contracts (CDD), are created through temporary employment agencies and it is the agency that employs the staff member and not the company they work in.

Agences d’intérim or temporary employment agencies, recruit employees who are called intérimaires or temporary workers. These temporary workers have the level of skills required to meet the various needs of companies.

The objective of temporary employment agencies is, therefore, to provide their client company with a temporary employee, recruited by the agency and paid according to agreed specifications.

Circumstances that might lead to a temporary contract include a temporary peak in a company’s business, a need for seasonal workers, or the need for cover during the temporary absence of an employee.

A temporary mission lasts for a limited period defined in the employment contract.

Nevertheless, the temporary worker is required to conform to the rules and regulations of the company in which they are working.