When setting up a new business in France, human resources play a fundamental role.

  • How should you approach recruitment and what steps should you take?
  • How does the recruitment system work in France and how can you optimise the employment process?

Once you have defined your set-up and development plan in detail, you will need to determine your needs in terms of human resources.

The first recruitments you make will be decisive in ensuring the proper functioning of your company and its future growth. Important structural changes are involved in these decisions, and you will need to devote sufficient time to them.

There are steps to follow to help you to optimise the recruitment process:

  1. Define your recruitment objectives and needs so as to be able to draw up a job description
  2. Decide on a pay bracket
  3. Find out about the aid that is available for recruitment under certain conditions
  4. Choose a type of contract
  5. Create a job offer and publish it
  6. Select your future employee by sorting through the applications and then organising interviews
  7. Respect legal obligations related to employment contracts
  8. Welcome and help the new employee to settle in

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