What kind of establishment do you need?

Depending on your specific type of investment, there are different steps to take. To start with, let’s find out which scenario fits your case:

For minor investments in French stock exchange listed companies, declaring the transaction to the French National Bank will be enough.

Do you wish to buy a whole activity from a French company or at least a part of its activity?

Are you planning to create a business requiring a startup investment of more than 1.5 million Euros?

Or will you acquire more than a third of the total capital or votes in a French listed company?

In all these cases, you will declare the transaction at the French Department of the Treasury (Direction générale du trésor).

For some specific fields of business considered being delicate, such as Chemistry, Security or Army, you make a demand for authorization to the French Financial Minister. In case of doubt about your business being considered as within a delicate field in France,   simply contact your nearest Invest in Lyon Agency that will be happy to help you.

Naturally, a part of creating a business is to get it registered. To do so, you can choose between the French business e-registration service, or one of the many Business start-up centers spread over the French territory. Whatever option you choose, it will only take a couple of days from the moment you do registration until it comes into effect and your French business is born.

Indeed, after several major reforms of regulatory framework and administrative procedures, business opportunities in France have become truly accessible to international business investors.  Optimized procedures make it fast and easy for your investment in France to take form.

The right legal form for your business in France

When you opt for starting an Affiliate with full rights on French territory, you commit to ordinary business set-up steps such as assigning legal representatives, writing the company statutes and defining a name, purchasing an insurance to cover your business, and doing the crucial choice of legal form for your company.

Though further options are available,   these are the main  legal forms that are   dominating the French business world:

  • SARL
  • EURL
  • SA
  • SAS

Furthermore,  you can choose to acquire an existing a company.