Rich offering of financial aid, breaks, exemptions and support

When you decide to invest in France, you will not be left to cope on your own in the new environment. The French Government has made available a rich offering of financial aid and support, and you can approach them even before arriving in the country. By opening a French bank account, you establish the physical conditions for benefiting from French financial aid. There’s no need for prior registration on French territory – you can contact the bank of your choice today.

Types of financial aid provided by French Government to foreign business investors:

  • Subsidized loans without interest or with a low interest rate
  • Grants for profitable investments and for R&D
  • Financial aid to obtain business premises
  • Tax breaks
  • Tax exemptions
  • Exemptions from employer’s social security contributions
  • Government sponsored guarantees
  • Direct capital investment
  • Financial aid for recruiting and training talents
  • Financial aid for investing in and developing green energy business

Bpifrance is the public investment bank of France created in 2013. Covering concerns about seed money, export loans, stock exchange listing and much more – thanks to Bpifrance you can get solid financial support to your business development in France.

Invest in Lyon Agency is your interlocutor to help you find relevant aid and support for your startup investment. The Invest in Lyon network will be your helping hand for contacts within the French public sector, from governmental departments and down to local authorities.

Do  not hesitate, when you contact us, you take the first step on your French business adventure!