In 2016, 845 million euros were invested in commercial real estate in Lyon, making it the second largest regional market in France. This is equivalent to all 7 major French cities and 17% of total volume in France. It confirms the stability of Lyon’s economic fabric, borne in particular by large-scale urban projects (Confluence, Carrée de Soie, Lyon-Part Dieu and Gerland) and a wide range of commercial property. This represents a significant additional asset for investors.

  • Key figures
  • 1.3 billion euros invested (FNAIM Entreprises, 2015)
  • 272,100 sq. m of offices marketed in 2015 (FNAIM Entreprises, 2015)
  • 650,000 sq. m of stock available in 2015 (FNAIM Entreprises, 2015)
  • 456,200 sq. m of offices available, one third in new-builds (FNAIM Entreprises, 2015)
  • 2nd largest French city for foreign investment in real estate (40%)
  • Costs lower than those of other major European cities and 30% lower than Ile-de-France

 A wide range of suitable properties

Indeed, the Lyon region has expanded its offer with a wide variety of real estate operations across numerous sites within Aderly’s territory. This diverse real estate offer meets the numerous expectations of investors in the Lyon area: commercial offices near the Part-Dieu train station, a logistics warehouse linked to major routes, mixed premises near the airport, industrial and scientific parks, dedicated business incubators, and clean rooms at the heart of the Biodistrict etc. In addition, Lyon is ideally located geographically, and the city is the perfect size for attracting talent from across Europe, which means setting up in Lyon is an excellent strategic investment.

After Paris, Lyon has the second highest concentration of decision-making centres and businesses in France. Metropole de Lyon currently offers 5.5 million sq. m of office space, which is equivalent to Barcelona, and it is constantly evolving.

An attractive market for investors

Lyon offers some of the most competitive rela estate prices in Europe: rents are more moderate than in Geneva, Manchester, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and other major European cities.

Comparison of prime office rent in other major European cities (in €/sq. m/ year)

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Source: JLL 2016

Prices more competitive than in Paris

Why choose Lyon?

By choosing Lyon rather than Paris, you can make real savings, with costs 30% lower than in the capital. By choosing Lyon, you will also benefit from a highly competitive cost per square metre: An average rent of €300 (excl tax) / sq. m in Lyon Part-Dieu per year,   compared with €530 excl. tax / sq. m in La Défense-Paris and 725 € HT / m2 for the central business district of Paris. Here is an overview of rents in the Lyon area (source: CECIMOBS, February 2017).

Prix Lyon

Prix Métropole

Prix periurbain

Coworking spaces in Lyon

Coworking spaces have risen dramatically in popularity. They are an alternative to traditional workspaces offering comfortable and pleasant settings and a different way of working.

Coworking spaces first appeared in the United States in 2005 and although there are many advantages to working in a collaborative way, their success really lies in the communities they create, in the connections and interactions between co-workers.

This type of space meets a new set of employee needs, such as flexibility, agility, collaboration with fewer technical and geographical constraints. Michaël Schwartz, the man behind La Cordée’s thirteen coworking sites explains: “Bringing our spaces to life through events is what underpins everything: lectures, workshops, lunches, games etc. Everything must contribute to building a real community.”

The number of coworking spaces on offer in Lyon is vast, and constantly growing. In the Part-Dieu business district a new space will soon replace Now Coworking as the largest coworking space in Lyon. Nextdoor will occupy 4,000 sq. m. in the Silex1 building, one of the latest urban programmes in the business centre.

Learn more about the latest arrivals!

Business property rental in France

French property rental has several long-term solutions to offer depending on your business’s needs. They all guarantee a degree of legal security and the most commonly used solution is the commercial lease.


A commercial lease has a legal duration of 9 years and the tenant has the opportunity to give notice and leave every 3 years.

How it works 

A tenant company that is registered on the French Registry of Trade is legally protected against non-renewal and eviction. The landlord has to pay an eviction indemnity that is proportional to the value of the business assets or of the tenant’s right to lease. Rent increases are controlled and limited. The rental agreement stipulates the commercial use (business type) to which the space may be put, but both parties can agree to modify the initial business type or to add another business (diversification).

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