Are you looking for a strategic location to set up or transfer your head office? Somewhere that will add value and optimize the expense of moving? All of this can be found in a dynamic, accessible region with a highly qualified workforce and incomparable quality of life


Transport and accessibility

The city of Lyon benefits from a strategically great geographic location, it is highly accessible and just 2 hours from Paris by TGV (there are over 30 return trips daily). Ideally located, Lyon also serves over 120 destinations by direct flight from its international airport. Locally, its public transport system is vast and comprehensive (metro, tram bus) and its 120 km of highways make it accessible at a regional level too.

Wage costs and property prices

The Lyon area’s appeal is justified by local wage costs and property prices, which are significantly lower than those in Paris. Due to the capital’s elevated living costs, Parisian wage costs are higher for an equivalent post in Lyon. Professional property prices in Lyon are three times lower and the offer never ceases to grow and diversify with innovative projects such as in the Part-Dieu and Confluence districts.

On the left, The Incity Tower


The Lyon area represents the largest employment basin in France after Ile de France, with a high professionally active demographic. The various academic establishments and training available in the region attract a high student population, 12% of whom come from abroad and help to promote Lyon at an international level. The region represents a veritable pool of talent that can offer your company a highly qualified workforce.

Quality of life

The city has been classed a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, Lyon offers an exceptional quality of life. With a multitude of museums and historical sites it hosts several flagship events throughout the year, winning it the title of #1 city for culture, after Paris. Famous for its cuisine and its ‘bouchons lyonnais’, the region is considered to be the Gastronomy Capital with over 1000 restaurants. Located in the heart of Europe, Lyon is situated just 2 hours away from ski resorts on one side and the Mediterranean on the other.

They chose Lyon !

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