Lyon, an international centre of innovation

Many people from Lyon have made major contributions to the sciences, the arts and to innovation over the centuries, such as the Lumière brothers, inventors of cinema; André Ampère in the field of physics, and Claude Bernard and Marcel Mérieux in medicine.  Lyon has always been at the heart of innovation and continues to develop centres for research and science that remain at the cutting edge of technology.

Key Figures

  • 1st smart connected city in France
  • 2nd digital hub in France
  • 600 public and private laboratories
  • 13,300 researchers, including 1,800 from abroad
  • 19,000 researchers, making the region fourth for the number of researchers (LyonBioPôle)
  • 4 scientific and technological sites facilitating collaboration between higher education establishments and business
  • 5,400 PhD students, 800 theses per year
  • Lyon is the 2nd area in France in terms of patent applications, collaboration between business and educational and research centres, and total spending on research and development

Competitiveness and business clusters

The business clusters were created in 2005 to improve competitiveness by enhancing and drawing on the relevant key success factors, namely the capacity for innovation and the development of growth and jobs in lead markets.

  • Energy : Tenerrdis, Nuclear Valley, Race
  • Health : CLARA, Lyonbiopôle
  • Defence : Eden
  • Mobility : CARA, Aerospace Cluster
  • Services : Ingera2, Cluster Assurance
  • Digital : Digital League, Minalogic
  • Chemicals, environment, materials, mechanics : Plastipolis, Axelera, Viameca, Techtera
  • Construction and civil engineering : Cluster Lumière, Indura, Cluster Eco Bâtiment

Land of inventions & innovation

  • The electro-magnet by André- Marie AMPERE (18th Century), french physicist and mathematician who was one of the founders of the science of classical electromagnetism
  • The jacquard loom, the oldest programmable machine played an important role in the development of other programmable machines, such as an early version of digital compiler used by IBM to develop the modern day computer.
  • Invention of the cinema by the Lumière Brothers
  • Sanofi Pasteur/ Biomérieux : World leader for vaccines & homeopathy
    Marcel Mérieux, founder of Biomérieux, Institut Mérieux, Sanofi-Pasteur

Also Invented in Lyon…

  • The world’s 1st licence plate
  • The Sewing machine
  • Electric heating
  • Synthetic Fabric
  • World’s first police scientific lab
  • First connected tennis racket (Babolat)
  • 1st underwater autonomous drone (Ibubble) …
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