Birthplace of life sciences in France, Lyon has one of the most advanced pharmaceutical industries in the world

A sector of excellence in the Lyon area, the Life Sciences consist of the application and development of scientific principles and advanced technologies in the field of health. A benchmark in France and internationally in the health and life sciences sector, the Lyon metropolitan is home to big names in the industry and offers top-class sites for innovative companies. It is a genuine driver of the local economy.

Key figures

  • 72,500 jobs
  • 12% of overall employment
  • including 14,700 jobs in biotech-pharma-medtech and 57,800 jobs in human health
  • 2,100 establishments with employees (source: Insee-Sirene, 01/2018)
  • 2nd largest teaching hospital complex in France
  • 1,600 clinical trials conducted every year by the Lyon civil hospices
  • €1.3 billion of funds raised by Lyonbiopôle’s members between 2013 and 2018
  • N°1 worldwide in human vaccines (Sanofi Pasteur), veterinary products (Bohringer Ingelheim) and bacteriological diagnostics (bioMérieux)
  • Top vaccine production centre in the world
  • 6500 researcher in the Rhône-Alpes region
  • 40 hospitals and 32,000 beds
  • 20,000 students in the field of Life Sciences
  • One of the greatest university teaching hospital concentrations in Europe
  • N°1 center in France for tissue engineering

Within the life sciences and health sector, the Lyon region specialises in:

  • vaccines, immunology, infectious diseases
  • oncology
  • diagnostics
  • neurosciences
  • medical technologies, including micro and nanotechnologies
  • dermocosmetology, especially tissue engineering and 3D bio-printing
  • nutrition • medical textiles
  • veterinary public health, with the world-first centre created in this field (Hub VPH).

In the Lyon area, you can find :

  • Major Companies : Adocia, Aguettant, Arrow, Baxter, bioMérieux, Boehringer Ingelheim, Charles River, CTI Biotech, Edelris, Enyo Pharma, Episkin, Erytech Pharma, Gattefossé, Medtronic, Merck, MSD Vaccins, Mylan, Poxel, ResMed, Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi Pasteur, Theranexus, Thuasne and more.

See the key players and research institutes in the life sciences and health sector on our interactive map

  • A local ecosystem highly collaborative and which covers the entire value chain:
    • Lyonbiopôle: a world center of excellence in biotechnologies such as infectious diseases and immunology, vaccines, diagnostics, oncology and neurology
    • 2 teaching hospital complexes, including the Lyon civil hospices (HCL)
    • a major academic research hub: University of Lyon
    • business incubators and dedicated sites
    • national and international regulatory agencies: ANSM, Anses, IABS…
    • numerous international organisations and facilities: WHO, IARC, Inserm Jean Mérieux Bio-safety Level 4 Lab, etc.
  • Two major sites for the health sector in the Lyon area : Lyon-Gerland Biodistrict and Lyon Bioparc.
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