SSE: the start-up Jeekan sets up in Lyon

Jeekan is a start-up in the social and inclusive economy (assisted by Makesense), founded by Alban Castaing (CEO) and Pierre-Alexandre Schembri (CTO). It offers a SaaS platform for sustainable mobility, in order to help companies reduce the amount of travel their employees need to do (commuting to work, going on business trips, moving to a new house, etc.).

It is helping its clients build the post-pandemic world with two very strong commitments:

  • shrinking companies’ carbon footprints (employee travel represents 50% of companies’ emissions);
  • improving the social dialogue by facilitating employees’ lives (the commute to work is the leading cause of dissatisfaction among workers).

Its solution is for all types of companies, and specifically targets employees who have jobs requiring an on-site presence, who would not be able to work from home.

In 2020, Jeekan decided to transfer its headquarters from the Paris region to Lyon, and received assistance from Aderly to find premises, connect with the French Tech network and search for financial solutions.

“We decided to set up in Lyon, to reap the benefits of being in a large, very attractive city, in an extraordinary living environment. We were fortunate to join H7, one of the largest business incubators in Lyon; a great opportunity for Jeekan”, explains Alban Chastaing, an associate.

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