SimplX and BeeBryte anchor their activities in the Lyon area

SimplX is a company specialised in the design and creation of high added-value web optimisation tools and software for the energy sector, in particular. Renowned for its IT expertise, calculation and modelling, project management and engineering, SimplX also offers consulting and training services.

In 2015, the company set up an R&D centre in Lyon with the support of Aderly. Immediately after, SimpIX developed a second project: BeeBryte. BeeBryte   is a system by which to store energy and use it more efficiently via software developed by SimplX. For these two projects, Aderly helped to find and set up visits to sites, put together an overview of the clusters market and helped connect the company to other actors in the sector. Aderly also ran a communications campaign concerning the two projects.

“Aderly really helped us when we were considering whether to set up BeeBryte in France. Thanks to the agency, which gave us access to a vast network, we were able to be get up and running immediately. Lyon has a dynamic high-tech ecosystem and I highly recommend this region as well as the help Aderly provides in getting companies set up and settled in.” Frédéric Crampé Co-CEO and Financial Director of BeeBryte.”

Ever since, the two ventures have been carving their place in the Lyon landscape and undergoing rapid development. Indeed, the success of SimplX is closely tied to that of BeeBryte, which Aderly put forward for several innovative project competitions and accelerators. BeeBryte is now supported by Novacité  and  Pulsalys and is also a finalist of the EDF Pulse 2016 project (the winner will be announced next June). The project’s aim is to reduce the cost of electricity by installing batteries in the clients’ homes to vary the consumption of electricity over time. Having tested it on a reduced scale, the next phase for this company is to perform a scale 1 pilot project in a commercial/industrial building in Lyon.


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