Next40 start-up JobTeaser sets up in Lyon!

JobTeaser was founded in 2008, based on the observation that the school-to-work transition can be hard to navigate. The company’s goal is to help young people find their career paths.

To this end, it provides an internship and job search platform for students and recent graduates, incorporating two major innovations:

  • Providing career orientation tools and opportunities for internships and jobs on the same platform;
  • Integrating this platform into school intranets, so it is at the right place, at the right time.

Thanks to its exclusive relationship with schools and universities, JobTeaser plays a key role in getting offers out to students and recent graduates, across all sectors.

Today, JobTeaser’s Career Center solution is featured by 700 educational institutions in Europe, thus providing support to 3 million talented young people. Over 80,000 companies use its services, and the platform generates an application every 6 seconds. Since it was founded, JobTeaser has raised 68 million euros, including its last round in October 2019, when it raised 50 million euros. In September 2019, the company was also added to Next40, an index of France’s most promising start-ups.

As part of its growth strategy, JobTeaser is opening a new office for product and tech teams in the region, and it has chosen Lyon as its location! It was assisted by Aderly in the following areas: the search for offices, introductions and contacts in the local tech ecosystem, and the recruitment market. This has freed JobTeaser up to focus on the local economy, which is a key factor in the company’s success.

“Lyon is a dynamic European metropolis, where the academic and business environments provide a deep pool of skills. We chose this city for the excellent tech profiles we can find here, and also to be closer to our market and our clients.” Adrien Ledoux, CEO JobTeaser.

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