Lyon’s Chemical Valley launches a call for interest

Lyon’s Chemical Valley is a major industrial and economic platform, as well as a project for the local area led by Métropole de Lyon to build and maintain momentum for change and renewal in the economy.

Following on from the three editions of “The Call of the 30!” programme and of the future investment plan known as “Area of Innovation”, on Thursday 15th of October, Lyon’s Chemical Valley launched a new call for interest: “The Cleantech Workshops”.

The objectives of this call for interest are to:

  • foster the turnkey installation of new activities and innovative projects at existing industrial sites in Lyon’s Chemical Valley;
  • develop new land, real estate and service opportunities for all innovative companies in the sectors of green chemistry / renewable energies / the environment;
  • expand the role of Lyon’s Chemical Valley as an added value powerhouse in R&D and production.

This call for interest is mobilising all of the platform’s stakeholders: Mission Vallée de la Chimie, manufacturers, R&D centres, the Axelera competitive cluster and the Axel One innovation platforms.

It is targeting startups, small and medium-sized businesses and industries and middle-market companies involved in R&D and/or production projects. It is structured around 3 offers:

  • Offer 1, XL DEV: search for operators of future shareable, modular premises on the Solvay RICL campus in Saint-Fons
  • Offer 2, XL PROD: search for an investor / developer / operator for land located on the Kem One site in Saint-Fons
  • Offer 3, call for future users: for companies in the chemicals / energy / environment sectors seeking growth over the next few years, in order to foster their development and further the area’s transition.

Applications are due on 15th of December 2020, and the successful bidders for the ATELIERS XL DEV and ATELIERS XL PROD offers will be announced in late January 2021.

* Find out more about the call for interest
* Download the specifications for the call for interest 

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