World first as robot valets land in Lyon

In a world first, an outdoor car park run entirely by robots has entered service at Lyon-Saint Exupéry international airport. The initiative, by Stanley Robotics, was co-developed with Aéroports de Lyon.

In late March, this novel and innovative system was made available to travelers in a 500-space segment of the airport’s P5 car park. The concept? After booking a parking space online, the passenger drops off their car in a dedicated hangar and rides the shuttle bus to the terminals. Meanwhile, the robot valet lifts the car up, carries it away and parks it.  The traveler can then collect it when they return. The system, which the firm plans to scale up, is intended to be simple, safe and above all convenient, being a real time-saver for travelers. This new initiative will consolidate Lyon’s position as France’s most mobile city.

Sustainable innovation

Robot voturier

In recent years, the airport has seen substantial growth in traffic, with 40 new routes launched in two years and more than 11 million passengers in 2018. Now France’s second-ranking regional airport, LYS has just been selected by VINCI Airports as a “center of excellence” for innovation. To control the environmental impact of this growth, Aéroports de Lyon is undertaking sustainability actions through the AirPact program by VINCI Airports, but also by obtaining ACA 3+ and ISO 50001 (energy management) accreditations, focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and shrinking its carbon footprint. The STAN project slots into this sustainability program, as the robot valets have electric motors and eliminate traveler-driven traffic in the car park, thus cutting CO2 releases.

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