ITEN opens its first micro-batteries production site in the Lyon area.

ITEN, the French leader in solid-state and rechargeable lithium-ion micro-batteries, inaugurated its first production site in Lyon on Thursday 6 December 2018. The company’s new site is the fruition of over six years of R&D. Aderly supported ITEN’s development in the Lyon area, in particular by helping it to find a site for its premises at the start of the project.

 Fabien Gaben, Founder and CEO of ITEN said: “We chose to set up our production site in Lyon for several reasons: First, the region’s ideal geographical location, close to Paris, and an international airport. In addition, Lyon is a very pleasant city to live in, making it an attractive destination for the talent ITEN wants to attract. Finally, Metropole de Lyon is home to many experts and research laboratories, making it a fertile ground for innovation and development!”


ITEN’s micro-batteries are not only capable of storing large energy densities, but also of delivering power and high current peaks over a wide operating temperature range. They  take the form of SMCs (“Surface Mounted Component”) and are compatible with the automated manufacturing processes of the electronics industry. They will enable us to break new ground in terms of integration and performance in a large number of applications, such as autonomous sensors, smart cards, electronic circuit security functions, watchmaking and bioelectronics. Indeed, the products developed by ITEN meet the varied needs of major French and international electronics, energy and transport groups. The global market for micro-batteries represents a potential of over three billion components per year.

With an initial production capacity of over 10 million components per year and the possibility of increasing that capacity fivefold within a few months, ITEN is starting its commercial development. The gradual ramp-up of current production in 2019 will enable ITEN to double its workforce by mid-2020. Created in 2011, ITEN has received the Global Innovation Competition twice: in 2015 and in 2017.

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