GoStudent is coming to France with an office in Lyon!

Founded in Austria in 2016, GoStudent offers a new online tutoring platform for individual support aimed at young people aged 6-19. Its mission is to help students reach their potential by replacing traditional – and often unpopular – tutoring by a more innovative way of teaching, taking place online. GoStudent therefore aims to simplify the act of learning and to bring a breath of modernity to a tutoring system that can sometimes feel old-fashioned.

GoStudent tutors are a team of committed students and teachers who are experts in their field. The platform helps students in all school subjects, with an emphasis on mathematics, French and English.

The company now employs 140 people in Austria, including 40 as part of their sales team. Some 2,000 freelance tutors work alongside them, teaching 6 to 40 hours a week. After expanding their offer to the markets of Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland, GoStudent was able to secure funds of up to €16 million from Austrian, British and American investors to launch its product in French. It has chosen Lyon as the place to develop its platform on the French market.

“We have chosen Lyon because the city meets many of our requirements and this convinced us to set up here. The most important aspect is its location, which boasts direct flights to Vienna and 2-hour train journeys to Paris! Lyon is also an attractive city for employees. This human-scale city offers great quality of life, thanks to its great public transport, vibrant cultural life and the proximity of nature! Even though Lyon is often compared to Paris, the costs of living and rental are lower here, and in terms of business, there is less competition so more chances that the employees will stay! It also hosts many great schools and universities, enabling the recruitment of fresh new talent! Finally, the Aderly team proved to be highly proactive, and we had decided to settle in Lyon within a day!” explains Laura Warnier, the Head of Marketing.

GoStudent has been supported by Aderly, in particular in their search for the office space which will become their French headquarters. It also put them in contact with a French-German lawyer providing help setting up the legal entity, and helped in terms of human resources for the recruitment of salespeople. The aim is for the French office to employ 20 people by the end of 2020 and 60 by the end of 2021.

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