Eovolt is setting up its production in the Lyon region!

Eovolt is a French brand specialising in the design, assembly and distribution of folding electrically-assisted bikes. Its central mission in developing its products is to bring a breath of fresh air into the daily lives of French people by enhancing their trips and making them more enjoyable. The world is indeed changing, and city-dwellers are trying to find new ways of moving around, while cities are being reshaped.

Eovolt has been quick to adapt and has established itself as a brand that offers an ideal means of transport in response to these changes, thanks to its range of light, powerful folding electric bikes with their unique design. Once folded, the electric bikes are discreet, easy to carry and to store in a flat, at work, in a lift, a car boot or on public transport. They are light with a stylishly simple design, while the battery located in the seat post is both aesthetic and practical.

“Until 15 June 2020, we were located in Bourges, in a 300m2 warehouse. We quickly understood that the building’s size was insufficient given our growth: we could not recruit more people in our offices, our production capacity was limited, etc. This is why we started looking for larger premises in or around Lyon, an attractive and dynamic region that is well situated for logistics purposes and where recruitment is easier.

After the lockdown, we therefore decided to settle in this beautiful region, in a grand 2,400m2 building with 400m2 of office space. Thanks to this building, we can now look to the mid-term future and big development prospects. We have set up a 30-meter-long electric assembly line in replacement of the fixed 8-meter line we had in Bourges. Two more lines are currently being manufactured and will be set up in the next 3 to 4 months. 

Moving has enabled us to increase our production capacity considerably and to answer the needs of our clients more rapidly. With some of our partners, we would also like to join the city’s project of creating an electric mobility HUB, grouping several stakeholders in the field in order to have a short supply chain and closer ties with different companies within field.

Aderly’s support was key during our establishment in the region. The agency did an amazing job, from helping with our search for premises, to visiting properties, putting us in contact with local stakeholders tailored to our needs, and recruiting (publishing of job offers, CV pre-selection, pre-interviews, advice). We’d like to thank the Aderly team once more for their commitment to our project!”, say Luca Chevalier and Baptiste Fullen, the two co-founders of the brand.

Eovolt is currently recruiting assembly/production staff, so please don’t hesitate to share!

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