Aderly’s 2015 results: the Lyon area confirms its attractiveness

ADERLY, the Economic Development Agency for the Lyon Area is proud to announce that its latest results are even better than the past two years’, particularly in terms of the number of companies setting up in the area. These results confirm Lyon’s ranking in the various listings that have been announced over the past few months, which place Lyon ahead of all other French cities and among Europe’s top ten.

In 2015, ADERLY supported 92 companies as they set up or developed in the Lyon area. This is a record figure with an increase of 15% compared with 2014 (80 companies). These projects will generate 1839 jobs over 3 years; this figure is slightly lower than in 2014 (-4%), although this rate has been stable for the last four years.

Investments from abroad represent 47% of the number of projects and 47% of the number of jobs created. The United States, Germany and the United Kingdom remain the main investors in the Lyon area. Moreover, these figures highlight the digital and tertiary sectors of Lyon Metropole, which generate over 60% of the results, ahead of the region’s two other sectors of excellence that are life sciences and greentech.

Finally, among these 92 projects, 32 are decision makers and 11 are R&D centers. 9 of them are set up in the area outside of the Métropole de Lyon zone, with 6 in Rhone County and 1 in Saint-Etienne, which joined ADERLY in 2015.

Among the main players that have chosen Lyon are Americans Hexcel, Tesla, Ubisoft and UPS, as well as the French company Xilam. This production company makes animated films for television, cinema and new technological platforms and it has decided to base part of its production in Lyon; signalling not only the return of French production but also the Lyon’s appeal in this sector.

These results confirm Lyon’s ranking in the various listings that have been announced over the past few months: #1 most attractive city in France according to PWC, #7 most attractive city in Europe according to IBM #6 most attractive European city for foreign investment according to EY… Significant progress for Metropole de Lyon, whose image reflects its reality: a dynamic economy and a city that has a strong international pull and influence.

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