Barcelona, Geneva, Hong-Kong, New York … why on Earth should your business invest in Lyon?

Let’s have a realistic answer. According to surveys, this is what business people and several other stakeholders say.

Lyon is widely known as the second greatest city of France, next to Paris. That’s a handicap when trying to get a realistic insight.

From a position outside the country, our vision tends to get blurred by a narrow, tourist-minded focus on the capital. Only the local French people can give a well-founded judgement on the existing cities in France.

What do locals say then?

Indeed, Lyon is the country’s most attractive city according to French executives (APEC 2014, Courrier Cadres 2015). No wonder, since Lyon is also considered the most business-friendly city in France (L’Expansion-L’Express 2014).

If the Lyon business climate has earned such a high popularity among French company representatives, stats confirm that job-market and companies in Lyon are going strong. The employment rate is above the national average, while the unemployment is inferior to the national score. The number of job openings have been increasing for the last ten years, which is also distinguishing Lyon from many other French cities. The people living in Lyon are young – 45 percent of the total population is under 35 years old – which adds dynamism and a positive future forecast to the city.Vue Confluence 16_07_2014

For good reasons, the Lyon business image is shedding its light far beyond the country boarders. In the recently published IBM report on Global Location Trends, Lyon is ranked European top 7 and Worldwide top 17 in attracting Foreign Direct Investments, ahead of New York and Frankfurt.

Investing in Lyon is a wise decision, also when it comes to your R&D development. With business clusters for Life Science, Cleantech, Digital and Smart Cities, Lyon occurs among the European top 10 innovative cities, and among the 20 best cities in the world for innovation (Innovation Cities Global Index 2014).

International Lyon visitors don’t only come for business. As the capital of French Gastronomy with traditional charming districts and restaurants, historically rich architecture and the many amazing bridges over the city’s two rivers, Lyon is the place to go for business as well as for leisure. That’s why Lyon has recently been ranked the most popular European “city break” destination in 2015 (The Telegraph Travel -2014) as well as the third overall most popular destination for international travelers (TripAdvisor 2014).

The answer leaves no room for doubt – let your business fall into the powerful harmless Addiction to Lyon.

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