The Métropole de Lyon has made sustainable development a centerpiece of its policies and actions. The cleantech sector, i.e. products and services aimed at optimizing natural resource consumption and reducing environmental impact, is considered a field of excellence and key contributor to the local economy.

The Lyon region leads the way in actions promoting sustainable development. It supports green innovation initiatives and technologies that accelerate the energy transition. To give greater weight to its efforts, Métropole de Lyon takes a partnership approach with a multitude of public and private stakeholders.

The local authorities support a wide range of initiatives combining smart economic development and a sustainable quality of life in the region. Sustainable development policy can be seen at work in the many eco-innovation clusters supported by the Métropole.

Lyon tops the list of French cities in terms of investment in green technologies, with a budget of €54 million. The Lyon area also leads the nation for installing smart grids, further proof of Métropole de Lyon’s commitment to sustainable development. To achieve its goals for the energy transition, the Métropole established a master plan in 2015 for energy management to limit climatic impact. Following the guidelines of the French Energy Transition and Green Growth law of August 2015, Métropole de Lyon is committed to supporting the development of renewable energies.