The Lyon area boasts France’s second-largest job pool, with more than 1,500 company headquarters and a number of large employers in all industries, including: life sciences  (pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies), cleantechnologies and industry (construction, energy), tertiary sector (ITC, computer technology), etc.  Aderly maintains permanent contact with the Lyon area’s wide network of recruitment agencies.

  • Key Figures
  • 4,000 new jobs planned for the next three years in Greater Lyon, which represents 15% of all new jobs in France
  •  Rhône-Alpes: 4,600 foreign businesses employing 215,000 people
  • Since 2004, 32,500 jobs have been created through international investors
  • For 60% of young professionals, the Rhône-Alpes region is considered the best in terms of combining quality of life and dynamic outlook (Apec 2012)
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