Where can I find a place to live?” “What school should I send the kids to?” “Will my spouse be able to find a job?” With competitive housing prices, international schools and active hospitality networks, Lyon is a welcoming city for all newcomers. When you are  setting up your business,    Aderly’s “full-care” service will answer many of your questions. From housing searches to help getting your kids in school, we are with you every step of the way. Our welcome and mobility services will help to ensure the success of your project.

Renting an apartment:

Rental prices in Lyon are extremely competitive compared to other large cities. A family renting an unfurnished two-bedroom apartment (80-120 sq. m) should count on an average budget of €1,250 a month, not including any additional charges. For the same type of housing, this family would pay at least €3,300 a month in Paris, €1,600 a month in Barcelona and Düsseldorf, and €5,018 a month in London.

Average rents in large cities in Europe and around the world (average in € per month)

loyers villes euro GB

Source : Mercer  july 2012

Buying a house or apartment in Lyon:

As an example, if you want to invest in a property as soon as you arrive, you can buy:

– an older property (more than 5 years old) for an average price of between 2,760 €/sq. m to 3,630 €/sq. m

– a new property for between 4,230 €/sq. m and 4,790 €/sq. m

(Source: Immoprix 2013, based on a two bed apartment in the 3rd district)


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