• Key Figures
  • The Rhône-Alpes region hosted 20% of the French market in 2012 (€4 billion)
  • 4,1% annual world market growth predicted between 2014 and 2020
  • 1,5 million different world-wide initiatives
  • More than 300 businesses in the main medical technology sub-sectors in Lyon
  • Medical devices and disposable materials 
  •  Implantable devices and prostheses
  • Medical textiles
  • Electro-medical devices/ Dialysis
  • Medical imaging and software


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The objective of the medical technology sector is to apply the latest cutting-edge technology in the health sector. In Lyon, Jean-Michel Dubernard, a surgeon from Lyon and head of the transplant unit at Lyon’s Edouard Herriot Hospital, demonstrated this in 1998 by performing the world’s first hand transplant. Innovative competitiveness clusters in the health and pharmaceuticals field make the Lyon region an excellent launch platform for businesses and the pursuit of new markets.

The advantages of the Lyon region for medical technologies

Medical industry – leading companies of all sizes:

The presence of SMEs, start-ups and big groups like Becton Dickinson, bioMérieux, Depuy France, Edap TMS, Saphir medical, Floréane Medical Implants Group, Praxim, Micro Vitae, etc.

A complete skill set:

R&D, tests, manufacture, sub-contracting, distribution, specialised services…

A wide training, research and hospital network with a good reputation:

35 higher education establishments (9 universities, 650 centres, 29,000 researchers, 25% in life sciences, 4 university hospitals, 86 hospitals, etc.) Lyon is one of the major players in the French heath sector.

Multimodal imaging platforms:

For humans and animals, businesses in Lyon offer solutions that are among the most comprehensive in Europe.

Access to exceptional international equipment:

Particle accelerators (CERN – European Nuclear Research Center), European synchrotron radiation facility (ESRF), and neutron beams (Laue Langevin Institute).

Interdisciplinarity between high technology and traditional hubs:

Biotechnology, nanotechnology, electronics, materials, chemical products, mechatronics and opticals.

A federating force: the i-Care Cluster


The i-Care cluster is an initiative bringing together all the stakeholders in the value chain of health technologies in the Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes Region. Businesses in the health technology sector design, manufacture and market medical devices and solutions built on health information technologies. The region benefits from a long history in the sector, with businesses and laboratories employing over 20,000 people in the field of medical technologies.

Businesses from the medical technology sector which have chosen Lyon and its region:


2,600 jobs
54 companies established in the Lyon region, including:


2,800 jobs
48 companies
established in the Lyon region, including:


18 companies established in the Lyon region, including:

Medical Imaging

600 jobs
15  companies established in the Lyon region, including:

Medical textiles

2,600 jobs
27 companies established in the Lyon region, including:


Lyon has already established its e-health sector by hosting 3 large-scale projects, thanks to national programs run locally by the ARS (regional health agency) and to the SIS-RA – the region’s health IT system:

  • The “Personal regional medical file” (DPPR)
  • The “Oncology information file” (DCC) which includes the patient’s medical history file as well as analysis results, medical images, etc.
  • The regional Pascaline Project is part of the State program to promote digital technology in the health sector, Territoire de Soins Numérique. The aim at the regional level is to integrate all services into a single portal. The i-Care cluster is participating in this major project.

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