The metropolitan area counts more than 60,000 jobs in the health and biotech sector (source: Acoss-Urssaf 2013), including world-level companies and laboratories. Lyon is also the world’s biggest producer of human vaccines: over 1 billion doses per year.

Lyonbiopôle   is a world-ranked competitiveness cluster specialized in infectious diseases. As France’s top health cluster, it includes such global corporations as Sanofi Pasteur,  bioMérieux and Merial,  along with 176 innovative small and medium-sized companies, and 16 centers of excellence. The cluster helps small companies develop internationally and encourages innovation by creating a network of highly technical skills and know-how in the life sciences sector.

Lyon ranks among Europe’s top 10 biotech and health markets. As for academic training in the Life Sciences, the Lyon area is #1, with 20,000 students in these fields. The Lyon Civil Hospices is the second-largest hospital group in France, with 14 sites and more than 22,000 health professionals. In the Rhône-Alpes Region, there are 6,500 specialized researchers.

The field of Life Sciences plays a strong role in the Lyon urban area and the sector continues to grow, year by year.


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