Employee mobility

When in the process of relocating to Lyon, your staff can count on the support of our teams before, during and after their arrival. Discover the services we offer, from discovery tours to help with paperwork.

We’re here to help, before and after your arrival

Have you got plans to start up a business in the Lyon region, or move or expand your business here? Need help with your own and/or your employees’ mobility?

  • Help with international relocation procedures ;
  • Services tailored to the needs of expats: getting a visa, a residence permit, and more ;
  • Assistance with the search for housing
  • Introducing you to international schools and helping you with enrolment ;

We can also put you in touch with specialised organisations to help you settle in your new city and your new life.

Highlighting the advantages of the Lyon region

Thanks to competitive rents, a rich cultural scene and a wide selection of schools, Lyon is a welcoming place for newcomers. However, lots of questions do come up, such as: “What are the different neighbourhoods in the city, and what are they like”? “Where should I send my kids to school?” and “What will our daily life be like?”

  • Introducing you to the region and its opportunities (housing, schools, employment possibilities for spouses) ;
  • Organising tours to help you discover the local area and its advantages ;

Relocation assistance: a few figures

  • 53 mobility projects for 28 companies and 49 beneficiaries, including:
    • 13 returned expats
    • 15 homes sought
    • 24 other services
    • 1 schooling project
  • 4 promotional operations
  • 1 relocation service : International Talent Services

(2018 figures)

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