A dense industrial base, a high concentration of digital companies make Lyon the ideal mix for robotics and connected objects. Robotics and connected objects are a key sector in the economic strategy of Greater Lyon, which aims to become a reference area for events and meetings related to robotics, and the emergence and support to the project market robot from start-ups, SMEs, large companies or ETI.

In March 2015, the region launched the COBOTEAM approach, intended to unite and lead the ecosystem and the emergence of a regional robotics industry.

Some key actors in the territory

Sectors and ClustersI-Care: health technology cluster, cluster Minalogic    digital content
LUTB: competitive cluster dedicated to urban transport, EDEN: Cluster Defence, Security, Sûreté
Cluster Edit Software and Services, Minalogic Pole: Software, Embedded Systems, Micro Nano Technologies

Research and training

LIRIS, LIP ENS, CITI, INRIA, CNC, AMPERE, RCL-Robot Cognition Lab (Top 13 Labs on AI in the world)
Schools of efficient engineers (INSA Lyon, Central, ENS, CPE ….) and training in robotics, including “embedded system and robotics services,” CPE Lyon, Smart devices and robots,” INSA Lyon Industrial Robotics IUT Lyon 1, French School Drone Dardilly


Major actors

Seb, Babolat, Robopolis, Awabot, Holi, Cityzen Sciences, I-Bidule, Laerdal Medical, Areva, Evotion, Hikob, NovaNano, Adeneo…

Emblematic figures

  • Bruno Bonnell: President Syrobo, of Awabot and Robopolis, Founding Partner of Capital Robolution
  • Peter Ford Dominey: Research Director at Robot Cognition Lab, a specialist in AI and cognitive psychology


SIDO, INNOROBO,  I-CONNECT, Robot Times Connect

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