With its entrepreneurial spirit and wide range of business locations, the Lyon metropolitan area offers a fertile terrain for entrepreneurs

In 2015, ADERLY assisted the set-up of 92 companies in the Lyon region. Lyon’s entrepreneurial spirit has been confirmed year after year, and the region has numerous assets making it France’s second-largest economic powerhouse.

ADERLY has teams of experts specialized in the region’s flagship industries, by geographic zone. Their in-depth knowledge of the terrain and the key players make them the ideal partner for integrating new companies into the local economic environment. Lyon’s specialized clusters also play an important role in the different sectors.

A wide variety of business locations:

ADERLY’s teams are the go-to experts for launching your business project in the Lyon area. They are organized to guide companies through the entire process, putting them in touch with the right people in the right places.

Get a jump-start by taking advantage of these expert services and guidance. Tell ADERLY about your business project and you will be assisted every step of the way, from introductions and personalized tours of available premises, to useful connections with key players in the Lyon region.

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