The Lyon metropolitan area has numerous advantages that contribute to its vitality and attraction.

Its  geographic location   has always made Lyon a strategic point on all European axes. The Rhone Valley was historically a main travel route and it remains so today. Lyon has exploited this natural asset to expand its influence and attraction, while developing all modes of transportation (road, rail, river and air) to enhance access and mobility. Lyon has three TGV  high-speed train stations for travel to important points around France: 2 hours to Paris, 1hr40 to Marseille, 3 hours to Lille and 4 hours to Nantes. The Lyon Saint-Exupéry international Airport is just 25 minutes from downtown Lyon via Rhônexpress  and has daily flights to all of Europe’s main cities. It also has a TGV station. Lyon is clearly a prime point of convergence in Europe.

The  dynamic economy   of the Lyon area is another advantage. The city is considered the second-most economically competitive and structured area after Paris. Many companies in innovative sectors come to the Lyon region every year to set up their operations. The most promising sectors of the future – Life Sciences, Cleantech, digital technologies etc – hold a prominent position in the local economy. Lyon is also considered a very business-friendly city, attracting growing numbers of entrepreneurs who come to take advantage of this favorable environment. Choosing to do business in Lyon also brings all the advantages of the wider Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the second-largest in France, with a solid economic base. The new organization of the urban area (Métropole de Lyon) puts Lyon in a position to compete with such European centers as Barcelona and Milan.

Lyon’s history and culture  certainly play a role in attracting talent to the city and making people want to stay. Lyon offers an irresistible combination of cosmopolitan atmosphere and a strong local culture and identity. From the vestiges of the Gallo-Roman civilization to the splendors of the Renaissance era, not forgetting the marks left by the French Revolution and the strife of the Canuts silk-workers, Lyon inherits a rich history that has shaped its identity. The silk industry gave the city its original impetus into the industrial era and still stands as a hallmark of Lyon’s culture for the artistry and know-how of the great silk merchants and weavers. These days, it is Lyon’s cuisine and art of living that earn the city fame and admiration around the world. The city continues to write new pages in its history, but it all flows from the many sources  of its rich identity.

Lyon’s past, present and future attract visitors and entrepreneurs alike because quality of life and love of a new challenge blend so perfectly here.