Aderly works closely with a number of the region’s economic players. These key partners of the Agency enhance its international dimension and its range of services for companies wishing to develop their business in the Lyon area.



Highly visible, clear, easy to identify and remember, this brand name can be understood worldwide. It embodies the city’s desire to state its distinctive character, its values, its identity, its personality and its exclusive advantages.

ONLYLYON is in charge of promoting all the benefits that Lyon has to offer and to drive its ambition: to make its economic development model a reference among Europe’s leading metropolitan areas and to strengthen its international influence.

Inspired by similar programs set up by major metropolitan areas worldwide (Amsterdam, New York and others), Lyon is France’s first city to adopt a territorial marketing strategy and the only city to build it on such a broad model of governance, with 19 institutional and economic partners active around the globe:

The program’s Founding Partners:

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Private Partners:

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The initial launch phase in 2007 enabled ONLYLYON to build and implement the program’s fundamentals and to become a long-term force on the local, national and international scene.

In 2012, the second phase was launched, confirming the program’s aim of enhancing the city’s international dimension and appeal by ramping up its core initiatives, which include communications, press and public relations, networks and lobbying.

This brand name targets decision makers and opinion leaders in Europe’s major capital cities. At the same time, it appeals to all those who love Lyon, calling upon them to be the leading ambassadors for their city by taking ownership of the brand name to express their pride and their identity.



The World Trade Center Lyon in the Part-Dieu business district is a business center for all companies. It assists you in doing business in Lyon, in France and around the world. Want to know more? Discover all of WTC Lyon’s services!


Aderly works very closely with the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) for assistance in export activities. It carries out a number of joint missions and actions. The ICCI and the Agency work together every day on sharing information, on hosting foreign delegations in Lyon, on international events and on running and developing the China Club in Lyon.

The ICCI helps companies pursue their international development: :

  • Advice on specific geographical areas (Africa, North Africa, North and South America, Germany, Switzerland, Europe and more)
  • Assistance in developing in new markets or consolidating current positions
  • Discovering a country’s business opportunities or economic characteristics
  • Training in international trade
  • Searches for financial aid
  • Knowledge of international networks

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Founded in 1921, the Franco-Chinese Institute of Lyon is the first Chinese university to open outside of China. Hosting 470 students between 1921 and 1946, it trained the leaders who helped to build modern-day China. This institution, the only one of its kind worldwide, helped to strengthen intellectual relations between Lyon and China.

In 2014, which marked the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China), Greater Lyon, the City of Lyon and Aderly wanted to breathe new life into this Institute. It gave the museum a new dimension by creating, on the same premises, a center dedicated to promoting the relationships between China and Lyon yesterday, today and tomorrow. This initiative aims to highlight cooperation between Lyon and China in the economic, tourism, academic, non-profit and cultural spheres.

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