Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry

IMBERTON Emmanuel: President
Philippe Guérand (MEDEF): Vice-President
Philippe Valentin (CGPME): Vice-President
Anne-Sophie Panseri (MEDEF): Elected Member
Vincent Girma (CGPME): Elected Member
Jean-Michel Coquard (CGPME): Elected Member

Lyon Metropole

Gérard Collomb: President
David Kimelfeld: Vice-President
Alain Galliano: Vice-President
Karine Dognin-Sauze: Vice-President
Jean-Luc Da Passano: Vice-President
Pascal Blache:  Metropolitan Advisor

Rhone County Council

Bruno Peylachon: Vice-President
Michel Thien: Vice-President

Saint-Etienne Metropole

Gaël Perdriau: President
Georges Ziegler: Vice-President in charge of Economic Development

CAPI (Porte d’Isère community of municipalities)

Raymond Feyssaguet: Deputy Vice-President of Economic Development.

MEDEF Lyon-Rhône

Laurent Fiard: President
Benoît Soury: Managing Director, La Vie Claire

Foreign Investment Enterprise

Francis Fortin: Vice-President JTEKT Europe
Olivier Feray: President PROSEGUR France

University of Lyon

Khaled Bouabdallah: President


Jacques Longuet: Regional Director, EDF

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