ADERLY, the 1st economic development agency in France to be awarded the LUCIE label!

Holders of the LUCIE label must constantly evaluate, develop and enhance their commitment to the following 7 key areas :
ADERLY implemented its corporate social responsibility programme in 2014 with the aim of asserting its values and structuring its corporate social strategy to make it more discernible to its investors.
The LUCIE label enables it to:
    • Evaluate GHG* emissions in terms of ‘travel’,
    • Operate in accordance with the ISO9001 standard**
    • Responsible purchases (biodegradable cups, fair trade sugar, environmentally friendly couriers etc.)
    • Recycling and sorting (coffee capsules, batteries, papers)
    • Listening to employees for continued well-being in the workplace
    • Soft transport modes (TCL public transport tickets, Autolib’ car sharing subscriptions)
    • Optimisation of printing modes within the company
    • We became a signatory of the climate plan initiated by Greater Lyon Council,
    • To the companies we help to set up in Lyon, we systematically offer an energy diagnostics service followed by an energy action plan, and financial support for its implementation,
    • We promote investors that are committed to corporate social responsibility,
    • The entire Aderly team and those who work with us, including the Executive Board, have signed a charter of ethics,
    • We are developing a solid and sustainable partnership with Etablissements Adaptés and ESAT*** (assistance and service centres helping disabled people into work),
    • We have signed the diversity charter for equal opportunity rights in employment,
    • We give our employees one half day per year to work with charitable associations,
    • We have established a code of conduct for our suppliers: it enables us to communicate the ethical, social and environmental challenges we face, so that they can align with our CSR approach.

It is our job to make corporate social responsibility a priority! Read our special CSR letter to check you are up-to-date !

*GES : Greenhouse gas
**ISO9001 : ADERLY’s Quality Management System was certified until 2012
***ESAT : Establishments and services to enable people with disabilities to work.

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