May 14, 1974

For the first time in France, institutional and private players shared a joint vision and ambition. In creating Aderly, the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), the Urban Community of Lyon, and the GIL (Groupement Interprofessionnel Lyonnais [Interprofessional Association of the Lyon Region]) MEDEF (Mouvement Des Entreprises de France [Movement of French Enterprises]), Lyon-Rhône employer’s federation, joined by the Department of the Rhône in 1989, created a new model for governance and partnership to serve the local area and businesses.shutterstock_28275935


In creating its “Welcome and Mobility” unit, Aderly brings the concept of “relocation” as a profession in France. Aderly supports businesses and people as part of the set-up projects.

1983 – 1993

The organization overcomes the challenge presented by the internalization of economies, being the first regional French agency to open a representation office in New York in 1983 and then in Tokyo in 1993.


Public-sector relocation projects begin and draw to a close in 2004. Aderly expands its staff by adding a team dedicated to supporting these businesses and organizations that include euronews, Framatome, the European Central Bank, etc.


The “Welcome and Mobility” team is mobilized within the G7 task force, tasked with the strategic welcoming of VIPs and delegations taking part in the event.

September 1999

The US government gives the green light to the launch of daily flights between Lyon and New York. Aderly was highly involved in the negotiations, using its New York office and its four founders to advocate the genuine benefits of this new link. Despite a 70% seat-occupancy rate and the existence of a genuine market, the route suffered, particularly due to the difficulty in finding satisfactory connections with other cities in the US at New York’s Kennedy hub. The route finally closed in August 2001.

2000 – 2003

The Agency prioritizes customer relationships. The 1994 and 2000 versions of the ISO 9001 certification permanently place the customer at the heart of the Aderly approach and strengthened its international credibility.


Aderly first posed the question in 1975 and the issue resurfaced in 1985 with the rise in the number of foreign set-ups. A new chapter opened in the history of the metropolitan area’s internationalization when the International School of Lyon, begun by Aderly and its principals, was set-up in Lyon in 1984.


The international brand ONLYLYON is founded, bringing together 12 different economic partners. Aderly is appointed to take the lead on operational management, and a dedicated team is integrated within the Agency in 2008.

Juin 2008

The Lyon – New York route is reopened by Delta Airlines, celebrated in style in New York by Aderly and its partners. It was to close two years later.


To underpin its prospecting for major international sign-ups and get closer to the markets and its European customers, Aderly opened two offices in Brussels and London, shared with Greater Lyon.

Juin 2012

In line with its services strategy, Aderly invests in the heart of the French capital with its new office in Paris.


Aderly achieves its best results since it was founded, with 77 set-ups and over 1,800 jobs in three years. While international investments fall at a national level, Lyon and its region remain one of the most attractive European cities for decision makers.


In January 2015, Aderly’s prospection area expanded to include Saint-Etienne Métropole.