Aderly is the Economic Development Agency for the Lyon area and it was one of the first economic development agencies to be created in France. Aderly has been identifying, supporting and advising businesses about setting up in the Lyon area since 1974.

Aderly’s teams help around 100 companies to set up in the Lyon area every year, including many major organisations such as Genzyme, Mylana and McKinsey (United States), JTEKT and Menicon (Japan), Huawei and Ying Li Solar (China), Alfa Laval (Sweden) and the Canadian company Westport.


Aderly, a partner agency

Aderly was founded by Lyon, Saint Etienne and Roanne CCI (chamber of commerce and industry), Métropole de Lyon, the Rhône County Council, and the Lyon-Rhone branch of MEDEF (the French business network and lobby). It also draws on support from its partners and from around sixty active members who represent the driving forces behind the public and private economies (businesses, heads of education and research establishments, decision-makers etc.)

Our missions

Aderly’s mission is: “To promote the Lyon area and to identify and establish new investments, creators of value and jobs.”

  • Prospection: Identifying, contacting and convincing businesses to set up in the Lyon area
  • Promotion: Promoting Lyon and its assets so that businesses spontaneously seek to set up here
  • Business set-up: Supporting and facilitating business set-up in the Lyon area


Aderly is part of the large decision-making networks in the Lyon area and is also:

Our business services

Aderly covers all the stages of development and business set-up in the Lyon area. We support all types of business, from SME’s to large groups, working in all the sectors featured in Lyon region’s economic make-up. The agency offers a range of free and specifically-designed services. Find out more here.

Our experts in business set-up

Aderly’s teams of experts are organised by sector or geographical area:

  • Our Technologies team brings together experts from the chemistry/environment, life sciences, energy and digital sectors etc.
  • The Services and Industry team unites experts from sectors such as business services, retail services and geographical area advisors.
  • The Countries team consists of experts on Germany, Switzerland and Austria; North America; Japan; China; and Italy, Spain and Portugal etc.
  • The Set-up team is dedicated exclusively to project management.
  • The Services team includes our HR and relocation experts.

Our territory: the Lyon area Lyon, France.

Aderly’s area of intervention  includes Greater  Lyon and the Rhone county. It   also covers the Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park (PIPA), the Agglomeration Community of Pays Viennois (ACPV), and the Agglomeration Community of the Gateway to Isère (CAPI). In 2015, Aderly extended its field of intervention to cover Saint Etienne metropolitan area.

Aderly, a responsible agency

The agency obtained French CSR LUCIE certification in 2015. We have been committed to quality for many years and CSR principles and actions are now integrated into our day-to-day work.

Find out more about …

The history of Aderly : 40 years serving the region

Aderly has been adapting its actions and priorities to match developments in the region, in markets and in its target businesses since 1974. Trace our history back over 40 years through several key dates.

Our values

Aderly promotes the values of innovation, people and internationalism. These values are embodied in all of the agency’s actions, in particular in our commitments to our clients.

Our commitments

We are committed to transparency, responsiveness and confidentiality … Find out about all of our commitments by working alongside us.

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