Aderly, a responsible agency

Aderly is committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). In 2015, it was the first economic development agency to obtain the LUCIE certification thanks to its environmental, social and ethical commitments. In 2016, the agency set up a partnership with Ronalpia.

This collaboration helps Social and Solidarity Economy companies to set up in the region. In 2020, it joined the Global Compact network, to ensure its CSR commitments are long-lasting.

Holders of the LUCIE label must constantly evaluate, develop and enhance their commitment to the following 7 key areas :

The LUCIE label enables us to:

1. Formalise good practices:

  • Evaluate GHG emissions in terms of “travel”
  • Operate in accordance with the ISO9001 standard
  • Responsible purchases (biodegradable cups, Fairtrade sugar, environmentally friendly couriers, etc.)
  • Recycling and sorting waste (coffee capsules, batteries, papers)
  • Listening to employees for continued well-being in the workplace
  • Soft transport modes (TCL public transport tickets, Autolib’ car sharing subscriptions)
  • Optimisation of printing modes within the company

2. Implement actions for improvement:

  • We became a signatory of the climate plan initiated by Greater Lyon Council,
  • To the companies we help to set up in Lyon, we systematically offer an energy diagnostic service followed by an energy action plan, and financial support for its implementation,
  • We promote investors that are committed to corporate social responsibility,
  • The entire Aderly team and those who work with us, including the Executive Board, have signed a charter of ethics,
  • We are developing a solid and sustainable partnership with Etablissements Adaptés and ESAT (assistance and service centres helping disabled people into work),
  • We have signed the diversity charter for equal opportunity rights in employment,
  • We give our employees one half day per year to work with charitable associations,
  • We have established a code of conduct for our suppliers: it enables us to communicate the ethical, social and environmental challenges we face, so that they can align with our CSR approach.

Aderly and CSR: some background

A closer look at our 2021 objectives

  • Create a partnership, via a non-profit that provides aid to indviduals (or has a social purpose), to prevent food waste in liaison with event organisers
  • Work with suppliers of goodies that have local or European design and/or production
  • Take part in the suspended (pay-it-forward) coffee scheme Introduce a manager/employee code of conduct
  • Produce a quarterly CSR newsletter in which Aderly highlights a CSR action it is running / has run; two or three recently-arrived companies on the CSR theme; an action rolled out locally by a territorial actor; and a diary featuring a key date in that period.

New member of the Global Compact network

In early 2020, Aderly took its international sustainable investment strategy a step further by joining the United Nations Global Compact, a movement that unites over 10,000 companies, institutions, associations and communities in some 170 countries to address societal challenges and sustainable development. This decision is a powerful statement guiding the territory and its actors towards a more reasoned, sustainable, enduring and inclusive economic development.

A strong partnership with Ronalpia

As part of its CSR approach and its LUCIE Label certification, Aderly is committed to contributing to the socio-economic development of Lyon’s metropolitan area and to participating in initiatives of general interest, which is why it made sense to join forces with Ronalpia, a partnership that has been built and strengthened over the years to help Social and Solidarity Economy companies in their efforts to set up in the region.

What is Ronalpia?

Since its creation in 2013, Ronalpia detects, selects and supports entrepreneurs with high impact potential over the course of nine months. The objective is to meet environmental, social or societal needs that are little or poorly represented in the region by helping entrepreneurs who are keen to develop and maximise their social impact.


A shared vision with Aderly

  • To detect and attract mature social businesses that provide solutions for the territory’s social needs that are poorly or inadequately met.
  • To make Lyon a welcoming territory for these social businesses.
  • To promote Lyon as a region of excellence in social innovation.

A dynamic and productive collaboration!

Since late 2016 (the start of the partnership was formalised in 2017 by an agreement):

  • 8 territories have been prospected, including 2 abroad (Brussels and Montreal), 1
  • 5 partners welcomed us
  • 26 social businesses, which have created over 60 direct local jobs, were helped to set up in the region. For 60% of social businesses, the Lyon area is the preferred territory.
  • A few examples of companies supported in partnership with Ronalpia: BimBamJob, CoRecycling, Dahlir, JobIrl, Les Cafés Joyeux, Urban Plateau, Reconnect, Dreams, Wake up Café The very nature of our business means that social issues underpin our CSR programme.

The very nature of our business means that social issues underpin our CSR programme. Stay informed by reading our special CSR newsletter by contacting Christine DESCHAUX:

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