Lyon hosted the largest international showroom devoted to the Internet of Things (smart and connected objects): SIDO. Lyon Métropole  is a European reference in terms of its support and development of connected and smart objects, and many of the sector’s Lyon-based companies  attended  SIDO. Lyon Métropole, event partner,   promoted    tomorrow’s sectors, such as industrial systems saftey, social and interactive robotics and IoT manufacturing.


Lyon Métropole supports the IoT ecosystem


Lyon Métropole is positioning itself and is recognised as a specialist in the fields of robotics and IoT. It benefits from major assets in its territory and develops its actions mainly in the e-health, healthcare and medico-social fields. Indeed, life sciences is one of the city’s sectors of excellence, and it has set up a “Prevention, health and medico-social” Living Lab, the aim of which is to test connected objects or robots in real conditions in the health sector. In order to better respond to the challenges the health sector faces, Lyon Métropole promotes cross-cutting relationships between the health and digital communities in the Lyon area, thus encouraging innovation in these sectors.

Lyon Metropole has also been awarded the French Tech label for #IoT and #Manufacturing, highlighting its initiative and drive in this sector. In February 2018, it set up a mentoring program: project leaders in  IoT Manufacturing benefit from the support and mentoring of experienced entrepreneurs. The program is now focused on five target markets:  the smart city, well-being, smart and connected life, industrial performance, and social robotics.

Smart City and social robotics: specialties made in Lyon

Lyon is one of France’s pioneering Smart Cities and is the leading smart grid city. The objective: innovate today to make life better tomorrow. The digital industry in Lyon is focused on “usage” and is therefore committed to urban transformation that makes everyday life easier for its citizens. Lyon Métropole supports experimental projects in robotics and IoT serving the urban space and inhabitants in particular.

More recently, Lyon began specialising in social robotics. That is, robots designed to interact assist, entertain, or deliver information to people. In July 2017, Lyon Métropole created the “Social Robots Community”, at the request of several Lyon-based entrepreneurs working in the sector. The goal of this community is to connect all members as effectively as possible to create business and innovation opportunities and to share information that is useful to everybody.

The founding members of the “Social Robots Community”:

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