Four European clusters have recently announced the creation of an alliance to strengthen their international initiatives. For a period of two years, the coalition Medtech Alliance for Global Internationalisation (MAGIA) will unite Lyon’s competitive cluster, Lyonbiopôle, the Italian organisation BioPmed in Piedmont, the Beligian structure Biowin in Wallonia, and the German cluster Life Science Nord.

The 4 major European organisations have decided to collaborate in order to enhance their member SMEs’ performance on the international stage and share their strategy. In real terms, each cluster will visit the others over the coming months and working groups will be created for SMEs with the aim of tackling defined themes to evaluate the SMEs’ needs and identify two international priority target markets. Then, to enable the SMEs to capture these markets effectively, a series of economic intelligence and training activities will be implemented.

The initiative is part of a European project.  It will be coordinated by Biopmed and certified and co-funded by the European Commission, DG Grow and EASME.

Lyonbiopôle, the health cluster for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, is a one-stop shop for health in the region. It supports businesses and projects in the sector and its purpose is to boost the development of technological innovations, products and services for personalised medicine to benefit patients. The cluster has four strategic fields of action: human medicine, veterinary medicine, in vitro diagnostics, and medical devices and medical technologies. Lyonbiopôle had 208 members at the end of 2017: the cluster’s 6 founding members made up of 4 major manufacturers (Sanofi Pasteur, BioMérieux, Bohringer Ingelheim, Animal Health, and BD), the CEA and the Mérieux Foundation; 12 subsidiaries of large groups; 175 SMEs and small companies; and, 15 centres of expertise (Hospitals, Universities, Foundations etc.). The cluster has been awarded the Gold label by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative.